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Spacecraft tracking activities

1. Observational setup
2. Data processing

Required software:

  • Makekey1
  • SWspec 2
  • Spec analysis tools 3

1. Observational setup

2. Data processing

The pipeline to retrieve the Doppler and residual phase can be summarised as:

In therms of software the data processing is summarised in 3 steps:

1- Running the software spectrometer to see the spectrum of the signal recorded (SWspec)
2- Making a first estimate of the pcal measurements (calculatePcalCpp)
3- Running the tracking software (SCtracker)

Running Software Spectrometer (SWspec)

It takes the raw VLBI data, reads any desired channel and performes a high-resolution integrated-time FFT of the entrie scan. It uses an initial settings file (inifile.ini). I usually store the inifile.ini in the same folder with the results. There are several settings that can be modified. However, the main ones are:

UseFile1Channel = 1
BaseFilename1 = m190522_Hb_VDIF_If000A_%fftpoints%pt_%integrtime%s_ch%channel%
# Change then channel value from 1 to 8, one per channel
# Change IF000A to A/B/C/D/E/F to cover all boards

We run the program by executing this line:

swspectrometer inifile.ini /mnt/vbsPcal/m0000_Hb_No0001a.vdif
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