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 sudo make install sudo make install
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The next steps are setting up each of the vgosDbMake, vgosDbCalc, vgosDbProcLogs and nuSolve. Run each without any arguments and update the paths as relevant. For ops7, most of the apriori files, etc, are under ''/​data/​vlbi/''​. ​
 +vgosDbMake requires access to the master TXT file, expecting it to be found under ''/​data/​vlbi/​master''​. To create a VGOS database, run <​code>​vgosDbMake /​mnt/​magilla/​AUSTRAL/​aua009/​1609/</​code>​
 +Read the output messages carefully - you may notice a complaint about it not finding the correlator report file. It expects to find this under the ''/​mnt/​magilla/​AUSTRAL/​aua009/​control/''​ directory and used this to get the experiment label. If it is not present, ​
 +To deal with an ad-hoc session not in the master file, you will need to set the output database name explicitly. ​
 +vgosDbMake -d "​16DEC02XT" ​ /​mnt/​magilla/​AUSTRAL/​ds337/​6337/​
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