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 +====== DBBC module swap ======
 +25/6/10 Exchanged conditioning modules A and B in order to deal with the apparent problems in CoMo B, and to be able to use the working 1024-1536 filter in module A. To do this, you need to change jumper camples inside the conditioning modules so that the asserted address and physical addresses match. The jumpers are located on the main board, underneath an aluminium panel secured by 8 screws. If the addresses do not match, the DBBC will not program correctly. ​
 +Unfortunately,​ it appears that the problem with CoMo "​B"​ (now in the A-slot) is no longer limited to the high filter. Tests show that the amount of power reported by dbbcifa is unaffected by the choice of input, filter or gain level. ​
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