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DBBC power modules

Measured supply voltage and ripple on the 2 Lambda power modules in base of Hobart12 DBBC.
Module 1
3.3V = 3.284V with 40mV P-P ripple
5V = 5.02V with 60mV P-P ripple
12V = 12.01V with 130mV P-P ripple
-5V = -5.03V with 100mV P-P ripple

Module 2
3.3V = 3.293V with 32mV P-P ripple
5V = 5.03V with 84mV P-P ripple
12V = 11.94V with 135mV P-P ripple
-5V = 5.03V with 70mV P-P ripple

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