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Fringe test experiment 12 May 2010 (day 132)

Fringe test with Tsukuba and Kokee, starting at 00:00 UT and running for 2h.


RF unit showing cross-over switches both in “Direct” mode. Commenced observations recording nominal RCP.

12m signals going to DBBC/Mark5B and MarkIV-rack/Mark5A simultaneously. IF setup was as follows:

  • Unordered List ItemS-band IFs: input from 12m to DBBC and MarkIV
  • X-band lower 4 : input from 12m to DBBC and MarkIV
  • X-band upper 4 : 12m through DBBC, 26m through MarkIV

DBBC was loaded with new firmware from Gino shortly before the experiment. Dave Graham's DBBC setup procedure was followed.

  • Started on time at 00:00 UT
  • Polarisations were swapped to nominal LCP on the 12m half-way through. Swap occurred between 00:59:10 and 01:02:23 UT
  • Formatter (H-maser) leads GPS by 15.3822 microsec at 2010.132.01:50:39.01
  • The Formatter time difference in the log is for the Mark5A data.
  • The Mark5B data uses a different maser for its time source. The clkoff for this maser was essentially constant throughout the experiment at a value of 15.33 microseconds.
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