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 +====== Log monitor updated ======
 +The log monitor has had a major update. New features:
 +  * The station name is more prominent
 +  * The name of the current scan is given
 +  * Current disk usage and data recorded in previous scan are given
 +  * A disk volume offset can be set. This is useful when comparing to predicted data volumes from the summary file in the case, for example of a module being changed part way through an experiment, or appending to a module with another experiment on it.
 +  * There'​s a test button for the SMS so you can check that text messages are getting through
 +  * For the Hobart 26m, the cryogenics pressure and 20K and 70K stage temperatures are reported. If the pressure exceeds 5 microns of Hg two times in a row, the alarm is sounded. ​
 +  * 26m cryo status monitoring can be turned off using a button under the "​Configure"​ menu. This is useful if you know (and have reported) the problem but want to silence the alarms while it's being fixed.
 +  * GUI has been rearranged and fonds changed etc.
 +If you experience any problems with the new version, the old one can be used by typing at the ops2 prompt.
 +{{tag>​log monitor}}
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