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Mark5B firmware upgrade

After upadting the mark5B software (following the instructions found at problems were still seen using scan_check on the 6 TB SATA drives. To correct this, I ipgraded the Mark5B firmware from 12.41 to 15.30, following Dan Smythe's instructions. Several environment variables had to be set and have been included in oper's .bashrc file.

export STREAMSTOR_BIB_PATH=/usr/local/src/streamstor/linux/bib
export SS=/usr/local/streamstor/linux
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/streamstor/

Once these were set, the flash_upgrade was carried out by

cd /usr/local/src/streamstor/linux/lib/gcc_v3/util/

This will need to be done for each of the mark5B recorders.

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