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 ====== R1490 preparation ====== ====== R1490 preparation ======
-Yarragadee:+===== Yarragadee: ​===== 
 Pointing checked and model updated Pointing checked and model updated
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 DBBC BBC16 dbbc16/​300.000000,​a,​8,​8,​1,​agc,​10,​10,​12869,​13485,​0,​0 DBBC BBC16 dbbc16/​300.000000,​a,​8,​8,​1,​agc,​10,​10,​12869,​13485,​0,​0
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Hobart =====
 +DC Pointing offset of -0.0461 deg in xEL found today. It wasn't there last Thursday. Wind loading? Will need checking again after this experiment.
 +P1 is now -0.0465.
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