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Jamie McCallum
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 +====== Revised Hobart26 windstow limits ======
 +The Hobart26 has a problem with the Y-bearing which makes observing in windy conditions hazardous. In addition, its wind sensor seems to be underestimating the current windspeed. To work around these problems, two scripts are running on hobart ( & to log the windspeed readings from the Hobart12 wind sensor, and to stow the dish when a windspeed > 35 km/h is detected.  ​
 + will halt the schedule and any current recording, stow the dish and put a comment in the log  when a windstow condition is detected. It will stay stowed until the windspeed is <30 km/h for 30 consecutive minutes. Once it's out of windstow, it will restart the schedule (with "​schedule=..."​) and put a comment in the log. 
 +Please make sure both of the and processes are running on hobart when taking over from the previous observer!
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