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 +====== SML01 control ======
 +The fs-based control of the SML01 over the GPIB bus has been implemented.\\
 +The created functions are:\\
 +  * smlclear: reset the device.
 +  * smlstat: report on the current frequency, power level, and rf on/off status.
 +  * smlfreq: set a frequency (in MHz).
 +  * smlpow: set a power level (in dBm).
 +  * smlrf: turn the output on or off.
 +To clear the device, then set it to 1.0387GHz, -12dBm, with the RF on, this would look like:\\
 +With the fs output:\\
 +22:​46:​18&​smlfreq/​hpib=sm,​freq $mhz
 +22:​46:​24&​smlpow/​hpib=sm,​pow $dbm
 +22:​46:​30&​smlrf/​hpib=sm,​outp:​stat $
 +22:​46:​33&​smlstat/"​the name, frequency, attenuation,​ rfout status for the sml01
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