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 +====== Yarragadee antenna servicing, December 2015 ======
 +From Jack:
 +This is to let you know that the VLBI antenna on the 13/14th December had the following work done
 +1. Az bullgear old grease removed - new grease applied.
 +2. El jack screw cover was removed and more new grease applied to the jack screw arm. The jack screw cover itself was cleaned but is in need of replacing very soon. It would be good to get this done when Brett is over next. Also I need to check the gear box oil and or maybe change the oil with him?
 +3. The azimuth grease nipples inside the pedestal and the grease nipples on the antenna itself have had grease pumped in.
 +4. A general clean up was done inside the pedestal and the air conditioning filters removed and cleaned.
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