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Jim Lovell
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 +====== Yg Field System software update ======
 +I’ve upgraded the PCFS software at Yg to the latest version (9.11.2) and also the station-specific version (st-0.0.1-9.10.5_ifpic). It looks OK on testing except for the following:
 +* systemp12 is still producing nonsensical results
 +* ifpic reports values back as expected but it can’t be used to change things. I think this is a bug that’s been fixed elsewhere but not propagated to Yg. Setting an attenuation from the FS (e.g. ifpic=*,​*,​10,​10,​7,​7) always gives an “odd response from the pic” error. This also happens if I use the telnet interface. ​
 +I’ve checked the pointing and done a recording test, also run a test ‘schedule’ by typing in the usual sequence of commands from a schedule on the command line.
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