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Notes on Test Setup in AuScope Control Room

PC Software

Software installed on windows PC (ops1) in control room

  • From the Resource DVD:
    • PC200W
    • RTMC web server (started installing after PC200W automatically!)
    • SCWin (aka Short Cut)
    • Device Configuration Utility
    • SMS (Storage module software)
    • RTMC Pro 4.0 Trial
    • RTMC Web Server 3.2 Trial (not sure if this was already done or not)
    • RTDAQ 1.0 Trial (selected trial when asked for serial number)
    • PCTDR 2.07
  • From the LoggerNet CD
    • Installed the software (key printed on CD)
  • Ran LoggerNet and started through setup wizard
    • Selected CR1000, named it Array 1
    • Selected IP Port as Communication Setup
    • Now need to give it an IP address…
      • Will configure over serial connection
      • USB to serial connector required driver from manufacturer:
      • Connected power to logger via DC power-pack. No luck. Direct connection to battery works
      • MAC address for Array 1 00d02c04b057, Array 2 00d02c04b051 and temporary IP addresses are and .93 respectively and called AUScope-Array1.phys… and AUScope-Array2.phys…
      • In Device Config Utility,
        • Connection over serial with ethernet plugged in, shown DHCP working and TCP port set to 6785
        • In Datalogger tab, Station name is Array1, PakBus Address 1, security code 0
        • edited .cipasswd file (New Services Tab) to give usual observer password for admin, FTP password for anonymous is the same
        • In logger Control, hit Set clock (synchs with PC clock, so that needs to be on an NTP server)
        • In data monitor, can see logged data (after plugging in sensors), other stats like batther level etc.
        • Finished, so disconnect.
      • Now in EZSetup Wizzard
        • IP address set to, pakbus 1, security code 0
        • Comm test worked!
      • Configured Array2 as above, just different name and I address, PakBus Address 1 (tried 2 but failed the comms test).
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