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The experiment started fine and going ok. Modules' VSNs are inserted in the table.


  • Signatures of RFI in channels 14, 15
  • High Tsys in S-band channels
  • 2059 UTC: fmout-gps jumped to 0.25s. Mk5 rebooted to no effect. DBBC rebooted and module changed.
  • 2202 UTC: Returned to schedule with normal clkoffsets. Scans 247-2059–247-2200b bad.
  • Now recording to HOB+0129.
  • 2320 UTC: Clock offsets drifting. DBBC rebooted. Previous module seems to be fine. Recording to HOB+0128 again.
  • Scans 247-2059 – 247-2323b now considered bad


  • Signatures of RFI in channels 11,12,15
  • High Tsys in S-band channels


  • RFI signature in ch 15
  • S-band channels 09, 12, 13, 14 Tsys is a bit high
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