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      * Experiment started OK (Ross). ​      * Experiment started OK (Ross). ​
 +     * 8:27 UT : disc position ~50 GB behind - Rxmon restarted. (Ellen)
 **Katherine 12m:** **Katherine 12m:**
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 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
-Disk VSN: HOB+0130+Disk VSN: HOB+0130 ​(changed to HOB+0102 part way through, details below)
 Data volume at beginning: 0 GB (missing 6 GB) Data volume at beginning: 0 GB (missing 6 GB)
-     ​* ​Schedule not called ​from previous experimenthad to start manually. Missed scans 052-1901a through 052-1907a (Ross).+     ​* ​Missed first scan due to module swap (Ross). 
 +     * 19:43:11 UT: Wind stowed, missed scans 053-1943 through 053-1956b (Ross). 
 +     * 20:18:55 UT: Wind stowed, missed scans 053-2018 through 053-2036 (Ross). 
 +     * 21:11:08 UT: Wind stowed, missed scans 053-2111 through 053-2119 (Ross). 
 +     * 07:39 UT : noticed that the autocorrelation was terrible. So was the next scan. Previous scans might also be bad, I just didn't notice. When I tried to investigate,​ the field system reported that the connection was lost to the mark 5. Bad scans (at least) ​from 054-0738 to 054-0742. (Ellen) 
 +     * 07:44 UT schedule haltedrestarted DBBC and the field system. This didn't help. Called Imogen, she said the pointers were wrong and so we need to change the moduleTest recording went ok so schedule was restarted. (Ellen) 
 +     ​* ​Missed scans 054-0744 to 054-0821. (Ellen) 
 +     * 08:18 UT schedule resumed on new module: HOB+0102, first scan 054-0823This makes the disc position about 2080 GB behind schedule. (Ellen)
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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