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 Disk VSN: GSFC+022/​8000 Disk VSN: GSFC+022/​8000
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​6529 GB 
 +  * 10:00 UT - Steep slopes on several channels in the autocorrelation spectrum (vk)
 **Hobart 26m:** **Hobart 26m:**
-Disk VSN: NTO-0007/​2000+Disk VSN: <del>NTO-0007/​2000</​del>​ HOB+0105/​16000 (//​someone//​ forgot to change the module, adding data to a recent Ke LBA run...)
-Data volume at beginning: ​0.15GB+Data volume at beginning: ​11844 GB 
 +  * System temperatures are much too high (>1000)Liza has been working hard, but no solution has been found to this problem. Intermittent halting of schedule occurs between 01:30 and 02:00. Additionally,​ a formatter time offset became apparent and was fixed between these time ranges (Chris) 
 +      * 04:10: The "calu -m pcfs" command makes things a lot more sensible. Unsure of the data quality before this time. (Chris)
 **Katherine 12m:** **Katherine 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+ Disk VSN: HOB+0128/​32000
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​22764 GB 
 +    * Schedule starts late, due to aua008ke finishing after 00:00 UT (Chris) 
 +    * Scan 137-0000 (0202+319) missed 
 +    * 11:52 UT - Clock jump between 09:47 - 10:48 UTC in formatter difference. Jump from average of -0.35 to -0.425 microsec (vk) 
 +    * IFA, IFB, IFC -- Tsys are high (110-155K) throughout the whole experiment (Liza)
 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+Disk <del>VSN:HOB+0093/​16000</​del>​ USN+0220/​8000/​ (nope, //someone// forgot to swap the modules) 
 +Data volume at beginning: 6912 GB 
 +  * Schedule starts late, due to aua008yg finishing after 00:00 UT, then aov003yg not being drudged (Chris) 
 +    * Scans 137-0000 through 137-0010 (0202+319, 2149-306, 1954-388) missed 
 +  * Scan 137-0013b has a bad autocorrelation - data may be useless (Chris) 
 +**Parkes 64m:** 
 +VSN: PKS0018/​8000 
 +Experiment started OK 
 +  * Schedule starts late, because atsnap was not run with schedule= (Chris) 
 +    * Starts after 00:10 UT 
 +      * Corresponding scans before this time are presumably missed.
-Data volume at beginning: ​ 
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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