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Disk VSN: HOB+0022/6000

Data Volume at Beginning: 0.000 GB

18:00:00 UT Experiment started OK (mas)


Disk VSN: GSFC+022/8000/1024

Data Volume at beginning: 0.000 GB

18:29:06 UT - Experiment started late. The e-remotectrl couldn't connect to the PSFC Missed scans: 319-1800, 319-1802, 319-1804, 319-1809, 319-1810, 319-1814, 319-1818, 319-1819, 319-1821, 319-1824 (mas)

cron job on pcfsyg copies log file every minute to ops8:/home/observer/ for log monitor. End observer - please stop job (on pcsfyg > crontab -e and delete or comment rsync line) (Warren)

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