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Beginning disk position: 0 GB on HOB+0083

  • 17:30UT: Experiment Started OK (Tiege)


Beginning disk position: 0 GB on HOB+0072

  • 17:30UT: Experiment Started OK (Tiege)

Hobart 26m

Beginning disk position: 7489 GB on HOB+0112

  • 17:30UT: Experiment did not start, major problems with the set up. setupsx was getting the critical error (sample rate error as stated in the setup guide), editing the proc file and making it similar too aua011 got rid of this error but introduced others. On-call person was called (Warren) we spent half an hour mucking around with the proc file, Warren eventually hacked together a proc file that seems to work without spitting out errors, however, neither of us are sure it is working correctly. Will wait for Jamie to evaluate at shift change over. Warren edited something to do with the tracks in the proc file. (Tiege)
  • 17:53UT: First good scan 222-1753 (Tiege)
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