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Hobart 26m

Disk VSN: HOB+0083/8000/1024

Data volume at beginning: o GB

  • 18:00UT received several errors,error stop at 19:37UT. (mas)

warning error m5 -900: can't xlrread() , error m5 -904 mark5 return code 4: error encountered (during attempt to execute) , error sh-302 background mark5 error (s) detected , error ma-829 mk4 fm illegal sample rate , error m5 -900 : frequency out of range , error m5 -908 mark5 return code 8: parameter error , error with proc file, using the old aua022 proc file ,

  • 10:04UT diskpos lagging by 392 presumable due to above errors and and a late start? (Arwin)

Ke 12 m

Disk VSN: GSFC+023/8000

18:00UT experiment started OK (mas) 0333 UT - mk5cn timeout - no response from DIMino. mk5ke still ssh-able, so rebooted. DOT time badly out on reboot, corrected with '.' in fmset. No resynch. (JMc)

No useful data 0333-0340.

Yg 12 m

Disk VSN:HOB+0075/8000/1024

18:00UT experiment started OK (mas)

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