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 Data volume at beginning: ~5424GB// Data volume at beginning: ~5424GB//
 +  * 01:04 UT - More antenna stuck messages, but Ke corrects itself. (Chris)
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 Data volume at beginning: ~5511GB// Data volume at beginning: ~5511GB//
 +  * 06:30UT - Tsys reading problematic. Channels 5-8 sometimes overflowed. This problem is persistent since friday. (Lucia) ​
 +  * 15:30UT - Addition to Lucia'​s comment. Judging from autocorrelation spectra and Tsys values, there are coming and going problems in X-band channels 5,6,7,8 chs S-band 1, 4, 5, 6: ridiculous Tsys values, slopes and peaks in spectra, phase disturbance. Started after New Year (4G network launch in Australia?) (was first observed during MEX tracking 05.01.15) (Liza)
 +  * 23:51UT The usual problem persists in certain directions (for example, UT 2015.018.23:​51:​15.82 it was source 1908-201 and no problem in direction of 1424-418. So looking some 30deg up and left from the camera problem is more prominent than 30deg up and right) (Liza)
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