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Module: HOB+0104, 0.77 GB

  • UT0630 Experiment started OK (JS)


Module: HOB+0128, 0.77 GB

  • UT0630 Experiment started but with large clock offsets (JMC)
  • UT0632 Experiment halted to reconfigure DBBC.
  • UT0638, schedule resumed, UT0652 after problems with checkmk5 procedure but clock drifts continue.
  • 11:44 UT - Schedule stopped as delay differences kept drifting, with DBBC reset achieving nothing. (Ellen)
  • UT2310 DBBC reset, delay differences still drifting (Bryn)


Module: HAY-0050, 0.64 GB

  • UT0630 Experiment started OK (JS)
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