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experiment started late, schedules not drudged for start (W)

monitoring on ops4 due to problems with screens on ops2, as reported by Warren (Lucia-09:00)

Unexpected shutdowns of econtrol for Ke & Yg (Lucia-09:00)& Hb (10:30, L). When Hb is gone, need to close all other erc, start Hb first.


  • started late first scan 278-0014a (W) missing ~50GB
  • data start position 5187 GB (W)
  • module HOB+0110 (W)


  • started late first scan 278-0014a (W) missing ~50 GB
  • data start position 5742 GB (W)
  • module HOB+0094 (W)


  • started late first scan 278-0016 (W) missing ~40GB
  • data start position 5251 GB (W)
  • module HOB+1010 (W)
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