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Observing at Mt Pleasant from 06:00 UT due to internet down at Uni. I can't get any of the log monitors to open log files, so currently the log monitors are not running. (Ellen)

Hobart 12m:

  • Disk VSN: HOB+0117
  • Data volume at beginning: ~10.7 TB

Katherine 12m:

  • Disk VSN: HOB+0122
  • Data volume at beginning: ~10.5 TB
  • 01:48 UT: S-band ch 09 10 are reading as $$$$ but power levels seem OK. (JS)
  • 02:10 UT: Sys temp OK now (JS)
  • 06:00 UT(ish): field system crashed. Can't log into timeke, Brett thinks there might be a power failure (Ellen)

Yarragadee 12m:

  • Disk VSN: HOB+0120
  • Data volume at beginning: ~11.1 TB
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