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Line 10: Line 10:
 05:20UT - Hobart started schedule (Imogen) (1260 GB missed) 05:20UT - Hobart started schedule (Imogen) (1260 GB missed)
 +14:26UT - The hard drive of the pcfs machine for Hb became full, and the log was not writing. Deleted some files to keep the log writing (emailed Jamie about this) (Chris)
Line 18: Line 21:
 Data volume at beginning:​0GB Data volume at beginning:​0GB
-05:14UT - Katherine started schedule. ​ 1243 GB missed. (Imogen)+  * 05:14UT - Katherine started schedule. ​ 1243 GB missed. (Imogen
 +  * 09:40UT - System reported antenna was stuck. Rebooting antenna firmware a couple of times and re-establishing connection to fs fixed it. Scans 354-0940--354-0949 missed. (DH)
 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
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