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 ====== AUST73 ====== ====== AUST73 ======
-Hobart 12m:+Experiment was started late.
-Disk VSN:+**Hobart 12m:**
-Data volume at beginning:+Disk VSNHOB+0112
-Katherine 12m:+Data volume at beginning:0GB 
-Disk VSN:+05:20UT - Hobart started schedule (Imogen) (1260 GB missed)
-Data volume at beginning:+14:26UT - The hard drive of the pcfs machine for Hb became full, and the log was not writing. A few minutes (until 14:34) of log was missed. Deleted some files to keep the log writing (emailed Jamie about this) (Chris)
-Yarragadee 12m: 
-Disk VSN: 
-Data volume at beginning:+**Katherine 12m:** 
 +Disk VSN: HOB+0104 
 +Data volume at beginning:0GB 
 +  * 05:14UT - Katherine started schedule. ​ 1243 GB missed. (Imogen) 
 +  * 09:40UT - System reported antenna was stuck. Rebooting antenna firmware a couple of times and re-establishing connection to fs fixed it. Scans 354-0940--354-0949 missed. (DH) 
 +**Yarragadee 12m:** 
 +Disk VSN:​HOB+0083 
 +Data volume at beginning: 8.04TB 
 +05:27UT - Yarragadee started schedule. 1207 GB missed (Imogen) ​
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