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 **Hobart 12m:** **Hobart 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN: HOB+0088/​8000/​1024
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​1447.7 GB (r1681hb is on the same module) 
 +17:56 UT Spike in autocorrelation ch 13 also ch 13 tsys -240 K (JS)
 **Hobart 26m** **Hobart 26m**
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN: CURT-001/​2400/​768 (backup module is NYAL-019/​2000/​1024)
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​0 GB
 +Started late, Schedule set at 17:35 first scan at 17:50 UT
 +Windstow from 13:58 UT till 15:13. (Ellen)
 +Windstow from 17:09 UT till end. (Ellen)
 **Katherine 12m:** **Katherine 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN:BKG+0131/​2000/​1024
 Data volume at beginning: Data volume at beginning:
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 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN: HAY-0060 (6TB)
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​0TB
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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