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 **Hobart 12m:** **Hobart 12m:**
-Disk VSN:TR-00012 +Disk USN-0202
- +
-Data volume at beginning: 0 +
- +
-Station was still in sp-x mode. Getting lots of '​ACU-Computer time difference -400 milliseconds'​ errors. Changed the offset to 0 in HMI control. +
-  * UTC 00:19 During scan 015-0016 antenna encountered Az=-269 and froze in "#​trakl#​waiting at limit" state. Slewed to the next source no problem. Scan is believed to be partly rubbish.(Liza)+
 +Data volume at beginning: 1.723TB
 **Katherine 12m:** **Katherine 12m:**
Line 18: Line 14:
 Disk VSN: HOB+0034 Disk VSN: HOB+0034
-Data volume at beginning: +Data volume at beginning: 3.707TB 
-  * UT 02:00 or so: S-band Tsys are elevated: S-channels 1, 2, 3, 4 Tsys ~  135-155K (Liza) +
-  * UT 02:00 or so: S-band ch 2, show slope in autocorrelation spectra (Liza) +
-  * UT 02:00 or so: X-band ch 6 shows slope (opposite to above) ​ in autocorrelation spectra (Liza)+
 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
Line 27: Line 21:
 Disk VSN: UAO-0018 Disk VSN: UAO-0018
-Data volume at beginning:​ +Data volume at beginning: ​67 GB 
-  * UTC 00:00 or so: sometimes X-band channel 5 shows strange behavious and rubbish Tsys, not RFI but rather stuck; X-band channels 6, 7, 8u, 8l display Tsys>10^3K (Liza+  * UT 18:44  CH 05-08 have v.high tsys values (>640K) power levels OK (JS
-  * UTC 17:52 Systemp for ch 05-08 is strange even after a `caltsys';​ 05@-58K 06@-266K 07@890K 08@540K powerlevels are OK though ​(JS)+  * UT 18:55  CH 05-08 OK now (JS) 
 +  * UT 19:01  Quickly swapped to module B USN-0093 as per instructions from site staff (JS)
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