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 **Katherine** **Katherine**
 Disk VSN: HOB+0117 Disk VSN: HOB+0117
 Starting volume: 6680.4GB Starting volume: 6680.4GB
 +  * 18:00UT Experiment started OK (JR)
 +  * 03:10UT WARNING: error ib   -4 gpib device time-out on response c2. Everything seems to be okay, both counters were responsive. (Arwin)
 +  * 14:00 UT - tsys bands 05, 09-1 too high consistently. Autocorrelation is a little fuzzy, but nothing too odd. (Ellen)
 **Yarragadee** **Yarragadee**
 Disk VSN:  HOB+0104 Disk VSN:  HOB+0104
-Starting volume:+Starting volume: ​~8250GB
-**Hobart ​26**+  * 18:00UT Experiment started OK (JR) 
 +  * 18:00UT Due to econtrol repeatedly freezing I did not manage to see the exact starting volume (JR) 
 +  * 14:00 UT - tsys bands 09-11, 14 too high consistently. Autocorrelation is a little fuzzy, but nothing too odd. (Ellen) 
 +**Hobart ​26m** 
 Disk VSN: HOB+0034 Disk VSN: HOB+0034
 Starting volume: 2176.609 Starting volume: 2176.609
 +  * 18:00UT Experiment started OK (JR) 
 +  * 19:19UT Drives not switching on. Attempting drvon in vdesk. Contacted on call person (Jamie) who advised to try it a few times. If it did not work then will have to reset the drives manually. 
 +  * 20:37UT Drives manually reset and now fixed. First good scan should be 181-2038 (source 2106-413) (JR)  
 +  * 04:32UT unsure of exactly how much data has been missed. Disk position currently 49 gb behind according to me but I could be wrong. Will keep and eye on it. (Arwin) 
 +  * 06:29UT disk currently 56 gb behind, another 7gb from the last check two hours ago. (Arwin) 
 +  * 12:00UT Disk position seems normal based on the starting volume. Drifts from predicted at ~2 GB per hour (Bryn)
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