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RadioAstron Tracking

22/04/2017, gt16

Observer: Arwin Kahlon

Yarragadee 12m:

Disk VSN: USN-011

Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

Data volume at the end: 28.83 GB

Setup issues

  • 06:15 UT Yg field system wasn't starting properly, rebooted the pcfyg computer which seems to have resolved the problem.

Observing run

  • Before 07:00 UT: See below the baseline screen-shot of the spectrum analyzer.

  • 07:00 UT - 07:30 UT : X= cross, S=direct (20v): The signal was observed around 0659 UT, antenna is tracking the space-craft well.

  • 07:30 UT - 08:00 UT : X=cross, S=cross (variable volt. 14v -checked with Yg staff): The signal strength decreased slightly, see image below.

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