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Hobart 26m Disk VSN:HOB+0126

Data Volume at beginning: 7235 GB

  • 2000UT Data not being recorded initially, reloaded schedule and procedure files (Ross)
  • 0055 - Restarted DBBC Control program as clkoff/dbbc=pps_delay readings indicated a loss of synch. (JMc).
  • Missed scans 324-0420 and 324-0417. (Lucas)

Hobart 12m

Disk VSN: HOB+0029

Data Volume at beginning: 3577 GB

  • 1900UT Experiment started OK (Ross)
  • 22:30 to 23:06UT, getting mk5cn time-out connection closed errors, restarted dimino and dbbc (and re-synced) but continued getting errors. Called on-call person, they recommended editing checkmk5 file in pfmed to exclude /sys/… command which produced autocorrelations by commenting out with “, but this didn't work either. Re-started schedule as the error was deemed to be benign. Alarm was commented out of alarm_control (Lucas/Ross)
  • 0215 UT The diskpack that was being recorded to was marked as 'Faulty', and there was a lag between accepting a 'disk_record=off' command, which was longer than the 500ms window the fs allowed, thereby giving the mk5cn time-out error. Jamie was able to correct this and the alarm was un-commented. (Lucas/Jamie)
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