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 ====== ohig107 ====== ====== ohig107 ======
- = Experiment Name = 
-Hobart 12m:+**Hobart 12m:**
-Disk VSN: HOB+0029 ​only!+Disk VSN: HOB+0029 ​
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​1045.558 GB
-  * 0050 UT Drives got stuck, error messages about computer acu time difference exceeding 0.25 seconds and ramp epoch time not -1. Tried resetting drives in HMI - drives unresponsive. (Bryn) +  * 18:00UT Exp started OK. (Arwin)
-  * 0110 UT Drives back online - error with clock on HMI - reboot central fixed the issue. First good scan 046-0126 ​(Bryn)+
-Katherine 12m:+**Katherine 12m:**
-Disk VSN: The same disk as ohig106+Disk VSN: FGI-0005
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​0.144 GB
-Yarragadee 12m:+  * 18:00UT Exp started OK. (Arwin)
-Disk VSN: HAY-0144 only! 
-Data volume at beginning: ​+**Yarragadee 12m:** 
 +Disk VSN: HAY-0144 1 
 +Data volume at beginning: ​044.402 GB 
 +  * 18:00UT Exp started OK. (Arwin) 
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