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  • Missed scan 258-1702a due to SpaceX changeover.
  • Recording to USN-0201, +0 GB.


  • Missed scans up to and including 258-1901a due to VPN issue.
  • Missed scans up to and including 258-1939 due to bad autocorrelation. First scan is 258-1944b.
  • Recording to BKG-0052, +0 GB.


  • Missed scans up to and including 258-1837b due to VPN issue. First scan is 258-1841.
  • Mark 5 at Yarragadee was powered off, however, this problem was not identified and rectified until 258-2037.
  • Recording to USN-0179, +0 GB.
  • Chris' comments
    • Some (all?) scans have not been observed due to problems with the mk5. I appear to have made it run again. First scan is 258-2227a at 22:27:53.
    • Recording to module TR-00014.
    • Was anything recorded to USN-0179? Why are we not using it anymore?
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