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 +<note important>​**Achtung! R1 TRANSFER IN PROGRESS! MONITORING REQUIRED!**</​note>​
 +R1 monitoring instructions:​ [[operations:​monitoring.ivs.etransfer|operations:​monitoring.ivs.etransfer]]
 ====== R1688 ====== ====== R1688 ======
 +**Jesse:** I have edited the schedules so CRDS77 should start automatically after swapping to the correct module with a 1 minute delay (but you should definitely make sure this actually happens...) And cos I'm so nice, I even drudged the schedules for you, so it should roll straight over all by itself :) Well except for the 26m, you'll have to set that up. (Ellen)
  ​**Hobart 12m:**  ​**Hobart 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN:UAO-0014/​2000
-Data volume at beginning:+Data volume at beginning: ​0TB 
 +       * 17:00 UT - Experiment started ok
 **Katherine 12m:** **Katherine 12m:**
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 Data volume at beginning: 23297TB Data volume at beginning: 23297TB
 +       * 17:00 UT - Experiment started ok
 +       * 17:35 UT - Delay difference crept up to -0.5us. Ran fmset and fixed it. (Ellen)
 +       * 21:29 UT - Delay difference again got too big. Restarted and reconfigured the DBBC since this time fmset alone didn't fix it. Missed scan 138-2140c as a result. (Ellen)
 +       * 22:23 UT - Delay difference is drifting AGAIN. clkoff seems to be the culprit. (Ellen)
 +       * 22:35 UT - Restarting DBBC again, since delay difference again reached -0.5 us. Missed scan 138-2236. Emailing Jamie... (Ellen)
 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
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 Data volume at beginning: 0TB Data volume at beginning: 0TB
 +       * 17:03 UT - Experiment started late due to network connection loss (in my sleep-deprived state it didn't occur to me to call the station and ask them to reset things until just before it was meant to start). Only missed scan 138-1700b. (Ellen)
 +       * 17:06 UT - mk5=dot? returned value of almost -1. Ran fmset between scans and it came good, except the delay difference jumped 0.05us but is now steady again. (Ellen)
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