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 Data volume at beginning: 449.8 GB Data volume at beginning: 449.8 GB
-  *1700 UT Experiment started OK (JS)+  * 1700 UT Experiment started OK (JS) 
 +  * Storm report: 
 +  * <​code>​04:​35 storms in the area. Looks like there was a power interruption 
 +04:37 antenna currently stowed 
 +04:38 overcast and raining 
 +04:42 big drop in ambient temp starting at about 04:10 UT 
 +04:42 drop of 12 deg C over 30 min 
 +04:46 we have no anemometer working at the moment so waiting for storm to pass by watching weather radar and web camera 
 +05:04 restarting schedule... 
 +05:06 on source now. Next good data will be in scan 068-0513b</​code>​ 
 +  * Approx off-air times: 04:30 to 05:13 UT 
 **Yarragadee 12m:** **Yarragadee 12m:**
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