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 Data volume at beginning: 24161.032 GB Data volume at beginning: 24161.032 GB
-  *16:55 UT Keep getting '​WARNING:​ No PCFS activity for 0.* minutes. Check VNC session to see if Field System software is running'​. Tried rebooting ​pcfshb and setting ​up again with the same issue persisting. (NH) +  *07:00 UT during setup, both pcfshb and mk5hb hung up when rebooting, though Jamie was able to fix both onsite. (NH) 
-  *18:30 UT Experiment otherwise seems to have started Okay. (NH)+  *17:00 UT Experiment otherwise seems to have started Okay. (NH
 +  *17:30 UT Tsys values are all ?????? or in the thousands. (NH) 
 +  *19:15 UT Getting quite a few of "ERROR s1 -104 ifpcn: time-out, connection closed",​ consequently **each scan was starting late and missing data**. Restarting Rxmon did not fix the problem. (NH) 
 +  *22:30 UT Jamie fixed the ifpcn errors by fixing up monica. First full scan is 117-2239. 
 +  *23:45 UT Generator state in the System monitor was 'in auto off', but orange. Called Warren at Mt Pleasant, the generator is ok. Restarting the System monitor fixed it. (Lucia)
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