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 This lead to a new error: (e.g) This lead to a new error: (e.g)
 2016.138.21:​52:​35.28?​ERROR qk -211 Tsys value for device eu overflowed or was less than zero. 2016.138.21:​52:​35.28?​ERROR qk -211 Tsys value for device eu overflowed or was less than zero.
 2016.138.21:​52:​39.19?​ERROR ib  -10 ibcon initialization failed, gpib devices inaccessible. 2016.138.21:​52:​39.19?​ERROR ib  -10 ibcon initialization failed, gpib devices inaccessible.
Line 27: Line 29:
 All scans before missed. (Lucas) All scans before missed. (Lucas)
 +  * 23:50 UT: Manually power cycled GPIB to try and fix error ib -10 - Talk light was constantly on (possible communication jam). After power cycle - talk light is no longer constantly on. Error persists. (Bryn)
 +  * 02:06 UT: Restarted fs to try fix error ib -10. //Missed scans 139-0212 and 139-0217//. Unsuccessful - Will reboot pcfs during next gap in schedule. (Bryn)
 +  * 02:37 UT: Rebooted pcfs. (Bryn)
 +  * 02:50 UT: error ib -10 fixed, errors with dbbc communication - cycling power. (Bryn)
 +  * 03:04 UT: Reconfigured DBBC and synced time with fmset. (Bryn)
 +  * 03:10 UT: LO was not locked, restarted Rxmon. System temperatures are way off (values between -180000 and 90000) (Bryn)
 +  * 03:25 UT: Halted schedule again - trying to sort out system temperatures. (Bryn)
 +  * 04:15 UT: Schedule resumed - IF attenuation levels were not being automatically set due to a communication error (causing the errant tsys values) - First scan will be 139-0417a. **Missed/​bad scans are 139-0247 through 139-0415** (Bryn)
 +  * 
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