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   * 0946UT Halt issued for SPACEX tracking pass(JS)   * 0946UT Halt issued for SPACEX tracking pass(JS)
   * 1021UT Onsource after SPACEX (JS)   * 1021UT Onsource after SPACEX (JS)
-  * +  * 11:23UT SpaceX started and stopped at 12:02UT. The next recording was 12:08UT. Jon noted that the pointed corrections were set to REFRAC+MODEL ever since the last spacex run, currently set to NONE. 
 +  * 12:57UT halted for Spacex again. (Arwin) 
 +  * 13:38:30 UT recording started again after spacex. (Arwin)
 **Katherine** **Katherine**
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