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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +  * Power restored to LNA/RFPic at 23:10. UPS in the pedestal is prone to errors and will be replaced tomorrow. No useful data before now. (JMc)  
 +  * DBBC reconfigured to deal with odd autocorrelations - no effect. Schedule resumed at 23:36 after running fmset (JMc).  
 +  * 23:38 UT - Maser vnc not working. Brett will check. (Lucia) 
 +  * 0606UT - Maser vnc is working again (Lucia). 
 +  * 0606UT - data lagging about 40 GB due to above procedures (Lucia) ​
 **Yarragadee** **Yarragadee**
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