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Parameters were not successfully set up for FIVPT. on all stations, skipping pointing checks


Module: BKG+0120, start pos 0. GB

  • 1700 UT - Experiment started OK. (JS)
  • 2200 UT - spike in autocorrelation of ch 13 (JS)


Module: USN-0062, start pos 0. GB

  • iread power levels are crappy, and attenuations reading at 0 for all 4 chans. Unable to fix even after many resets of everything, ignoring this until I can get in contact with someone to help (JS)
  • Continual rfpcn time-out error. Restarting monica several times has had no effect on this (JS)
  • Power restored to LNA/RFPic at 23:10. UPS in the pedestal is prone to errors and will be replaced tomorrow. No useful data before now. (JMc)
  • DBBC reconfigured to deal with odd autocorrelations - no effect. Schedule resumed at 23:36 after running fmset (JMc).
  • 23:38 UT - Maser vnc not working. Brett will check. (Lucia)


Module: GSFC+022 start pos 28.822 GB

  • 1700 UT - Experiment started OK. (JS)
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