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 Data volume at beginning: 0 GB Data volume at beginning: 0 GB
-* Setup: dbbc lost connection, clock jump, had to restart and reconfigure.+* Setup: dbbc lost connection, clock jump, had to restart ​.exe program ​and reconfigure.
   * 17:00UT Experiment started okay (Liz)   * 17:00UT Experiment started okay (Liz)
 +  * 17:43 Alarm: delay through dbbc has changed...clock drift of almost 0.1 since beginning of experiment (Liz)
 +  * 17:49 Halted schedule to reconfigure dbbc, missed scans 191-1749, 191-1751c and 191-1755. Delays stable. Not sure how good the data before this will be... (Liz)
   ​   ​
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