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 Data volume at beginning: 0 GB on both Data volume at beginning: 0 GB on both
 +  * 17:04UT Exp started okay on mk4hb. Mark 4 didnt start recording till 17:17, first scan on mark4 should be 289-1720. Mark4 was unresponsive during setup, had to drive out to mt pleasant to power cycle (Arwin)
 +  * SX receiver pressure out of range, Brett knows about it according to Warren (Ross)
 **Katherine 12m:** **Katherine 12m:**
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN:BKG+0141
 Data volume at beginning: 0 GB Data volume at beginning: 0 GB
 +  *17:00UT Exp started OK. (Arwin)
 **Yarragadee 12m:​** ​ **Yarragadee 12m:​** ​
-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN:USN-0067
 Data volume at beginning: 0 GB  Data volume at beginning: 0 GB 
 +  *17:00UT Exp started OK. (Arwin)
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