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 **Yarragadee 12m** **Yarragadee 12m**
-Disk VSN: MED-0027/​3200 | Data volume at beginning: ​ GB+Disk VSN: MED-0027/​3200 | Data volume at beginning: ​0.256 GB
    * 1700UT - Experiment started OK (Prad).    * 1700UT - Experiment started OK (Prad).
 +   * Unusually delayed response at the FS to commands entered from erc . Hence, just using the oprin window in the vnc viewer. The disk module graphic in the erc is not updating (Prad).
 +   * 1919UT - Antenna stuck at scan# 252-1928b. Tried '​source=disable',​ '​antenna=open',​ switching drives on and off and rebooting central in the HMI. The schedule restarted at scan# 252-2154b after attempting the reboot multiple times. (Prad).
 +   * 2156UT - scan_check reports mk5 data format problem (letter E issue) for scan# 252-2154b. Will require a module swap if the issue persists (Prad).
 +   * erc displaying wrong DOY and UT.
 +   * 04:52 UT recorded data ahead of scheduled by 112 GB (warren)
 +   * 09:47 UT Waiting at limit for several scans. Field system had forced antenna to limit and would not take new source commands. Restarted the field system and schedule at scan 253-1025a. Scans 253-0953 through 253-1019 not on target (Ross)
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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