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Hb NOT RUNNING - no schedule file


  • Module HOB+0041 start pos: 3014 GB (Ellen)
  • 04:41 UT - Halted schedule due to mark5 errors. It appears that the connection had closed (vk)
  • 04:51 UT - Restarted schedule. Missed scan: 325-0440 (vk)
  • 05:20 UT - Received phonecall from Martin saying that this R4 was being recorded onto the same disk as ohig93 (vk)
  • 06:10 UT - New eRemote Control is sluggish and keeps closing, had to open old version (Ross).


  • Module BKG+0141 start pos: 0 GB (Ellen)
  • 18:39 UT module swapped but no scans missed (Ellen)
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