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 **watch out for power outage at Sandy Bay** (Lucia) **watch out for power outage at Sandy Bay** (Lucia)
-[Hi everyone, 
-Just got word that there is going to be a power outage tomorrow (13/2/15) morning at 07:30am, this is due to the centenary building renovations. 
-This outage is most likely going to disturb network and phone lines for anywhere between 15-30 min. The areas effected will be the Maths & Physics building along with areas in the Geology building. 
-Sean Dwyer] 
 Observering from Mt.P. instead --- Dave. Observering from Mt.P. instead --- Dave.
-*Hobart 12m:*+**Hobart 12m:**
 Disk VSN: USN-0072 Disk VSN: USN-0072
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 Data volume at beginning: 2965.5 GB Data volume at beginning: 2965.5 GB
-*Katherine 12m:*+  ​16:00 UT: Autocorrelation spectrum steep in bands 05 and 07, negative slope (Ross).
-Disk VSN:+**Katherine 12m:**
-Data volume at beginning:+Disk VSNUSN-0169
-*Yarragadee 12m:*+Data volume at beginning: 0 GB 
 +  * Started late as Martin was confused about start time. (Dave) 
 +  * First scan 043-1902 
 +  * 07:58:34: error m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed (Chris) 
 +**Yarragadee 12m:**
 Disk VSN: IAA-0026 Disk VSN: IAA-0026
 Data volume at beginning: ​ 0 GB Data volume at beginning: ​ 0 GB
 +  - Ongoing issue causing ocassional large Tsys in S-band. (Dave)
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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