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Hobart 26m

Module: HAY-005, start pos 1895.329 GB

  • 18:15 UT - wth command not working, gives error “Problem connecting to metserver socket. Illegal error class code: 0xffffffff.” I had a look at the station file in pfmed but nothing I tried worked. Not urgent so I'll report it at a more reasonable hour. (Ellen)
  • 18:31 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 19:49 UT - Again, I am getting alarms fairly regularly, saying “ERROR m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed”. This doesn't appear to mean anything as everything still seems fine to me. It has also happened at 19:51, 20:19, 20:22, 21:10, 21:13 UT. (Ellen)


Module: TR-00014, start pos 0 GB

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)


Module: NYAL-019, start pos 0 GB

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
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