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Module: TR-00001, start pos: 0 GB

  • 18:30UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 06:50UT - Started getting some errors about the delay through DBBC changing (going between 61947 and 61951). Log monitor says to reset the DBBC if it drifts, and Brett has suggested calling him if the problem persists and the on-call person is unable to help. (Nick)


Module: NTO-0007, start pos 0 GB

  • 18:30UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 18:38UT - System monitor not updating. Restarted and is giving the following returns in the terminal: “ Argument xxxxxxx isn't numeric in numeric lt (<) at /usr2/st/bin/ line 925, <GEN0> line XXX ”. Every few lines the “(<)” is replaced by “(+)”. No idea what this mean. Restarted Monica 3 times got it work, but it is still giving these strange messages in command window. (Ellen)
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