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Power levels on last 2 channels of iread (s-band) keep fluctuating and can't stay near target for long. Jim thinks it's probably RFI so we can't do anything about it at the moment. Brett should be able to investigate when he gets in tomorrow. (Ellen)

Module: HOB+0120, start pos 19384.631 GB

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)


Dimino wouldn't run properly. Rebooted mark 5. It wouldn't let us ssh in but we could ping the server. Jim eventually got it started again. (Ellen)

Module: IPA-0022, start pos 0 GB

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 20:45 UT - All tsys values overflowing for about 15 minutes. There is no storm to interfere and this stretches across multiple scans so is not position dependent. Continuing to watch. (Ellen)
  • 22:00 UT - Tsys values are still all overflowing, Jim thinks there's nothing wrong with the data just the values it's displaying. He will investigate at 9am. (Ellen)


Module: NTO-0007, start pos 0 GB

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
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