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-Disk VSN:+Disk VSN: CURT+0102/​6000
 +Data volume at beginning: ​ 3506 GB
-Data volume at beginning:+ 
 +Antenna maintenance,​ new cable wrap resulted in late start. Encoder moved, and hopefully corrected for. Pointing checks done quickly, no time for full model. (Warren) 
 +Fivept result offsets 0.03, 0.01, (Az, El) see log. 
 +    * 0348UT First scan 132-0347b (Liz)
Line 27: Line 33:
     * Experiment started okay (Lucas).     * Experiment started okay (Lucas).
 +    * 2017.132.08:​30:​16 ALARM Automatic wind stow activated
 +    * Single erroneous reading of 999.99 is the cause (Ross)
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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