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 Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB
-   * 1830UT: ​+   * 1830UT: ​Experiment started OK (Patrick) 
 +   * 0624UT - Drives stuck during scan 326-0622, fixed within one minute, data probably not useable for this scan. (Tiege) 
 +   * 0629UT - Drives knocked out again, this time tried stopping recording, terminating fs, then rebooting drives, drives are green again but FS will not start, rebooting pcfske now (Tiege) 
 +   * 0653UT - pcfske wasnt pingable after ~8 mins, tried rebooting again and am just going to have to wait until it lets me ping it (Tiege) 
 +   * 0710UT - pcfske back up, however hardware clock is wrong. Corrected hardware clock using '​hwclock -w' however ERC is still showing the wrong time (despite restarting fs and ERC), Bryn mentioned that after setting hwclock pcfske needs to rebooted again so I am trying that. (Tiege) 
 +   * 0830UT - pcfske is back up again, however hwclock is back to 2008 again.. working on a solutions (Tiege) 
 +   * 0850UT - With the help of Jamie, clock issues have been fixed. Needed to run '​hwclock -w' again to change hardware clock, then disable fscking on reboot by editing '/​etc/​fstab'​ as root and changing the last number on the line /dev/md0 to 0 (instead of 1), then rebooting the pcfske. Now ERC and fs have the correct time. First scan back is 326-0852, probably safe to assume majority of data between scan 326-0622 and this scan is bad. (Tiege)
 **Yarragadee 12m** **Yarragadee 12m**
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 Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB
-  * 1830UT: ​+  ​* 1730UT: Antenna stuck, turned drives on and off twice then switched to operate and it worked. (Patrick) 
 +  ​* 1830UT: ​Experiment started OK (Patrick) 
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