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Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: NTO-0002

Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB

  • 1830UT: Experiment started OK (Patrick)
  • 0624UT - Drives stuck during scan 326-0622, fixed within one minute, data probably not useable for this scan. (Tiege)
  • 0629UT - Drives knocked out again, this time tried stopping recording, terminating fs, then rebooting drives, drives are green again but FS will not start, rebooting pcfske now (Tiege)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: USN-0182

Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB

  • 1730UT: Antenna stuck, turned drives on and off twice then switched to operate and it worked. (Patrick)
  • 1830UT: Experiment started OK (Patrick)
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